New Responsive Website for Boyd Orthodontics

Boyd Orthodontics strives to provide the best treatment and care for children, teens and adults. We do everything we can to make our practice a fun and rewarding part of our patients’ lives, and then we try to do a little more.

That of course includes utilizing the latest orthodontic technology with braces and Invisalign to move teeth and create healthy, beautiful smiles. We try to get to know our patients and help them achieve a smile and self-confidence that improves their daily lives.

It also includes making our patients’ lives a little easier whenever we are able. Our new website is the latest piece of our ongoing effort to be honest and helpful to all of our current patients as well as anyone who might consider joining the Boyd Orthodontics family!

We understand that choosing where to get braces is a big decision. Whether the treatment is for you or your child, it is important that the whole family feels comfortable in an orthodontic office. Our new website is an extension of the welcoming atmosphere you will find in Dr. Boyd’s practice.

We are here to help! Our website features valuable information about orthodontic treatment. Use our site to learn more about different types of braces, treatment phases and options, and Invisalign.

Because seeing is believing we have created a series of videos that detail the patient experience at Boyd Orthodontics. You can meet Dr. Boyd, look around our offices, and get to know some of the treatment process without leaving your couch!

We also have videos that show how your first visit will go, and what happens on the day that your braces are put on your teeth. All of these videos are meant to help you feel more comfortable as you begin your journey through orthodontic treatment.

We are proud to feature patient testimonials on our website as well. Hear about the experience at Boyd Orthodontics from real people living in the Columbia and Lexington areas, including WIS-TV news anchor Dawndy Mercer Plank!

Because our website is built in a responsive format, it will re-size itself based on the display size of your device. So check out our website however you prefer to access the Internet Рon your computer, on your phone, or on an iPad or other tablet device Рand the information will be organized conveniently.

If you are considering orthodontic treatment for yourself or your child, contact us today! Schedule an appointment with us and we will discuss your options for braces or Invisalign.